Toolkits for People with disabilities

ICT can make a world of difference to those with disabilities. It fosters greater equity and empowerment and ensures seamless integration into Qatari Society. With a growing number of people with disabilities in Qatar, it is important that the Ministry of Transport and Communications works with stakeholders to develop skills that can vastly enhance their quality of life.

Learners in Qatar with special needs have a range of learning difficulties and disabilities such as physical disability, visual, speech and hearing impairment and disorders such as autism and dyslexia. The effective use of ICTs can empower them, reduce barriers, and improve the quality of their lives. Work with stakeholders is supporting the development of new initiatives such as voice activated ATMs, and learners can use a range of assistive technologies to support themselves, using screen-readers for example. Ultimately, learners with disabilities should be empowered to access a range of services and opportunities online, including e-government services.

MADA Assistive Technology Portal

MADA AT Portal is a complete portal with useful information, resources and support for learners with a range of disabilities and organizations and intermediaries who support them.


A range of Factsheets has been developed by MADA Assistive Technology Center, in both English and Arabic which are available to provide support for learners with disabilities, whether it is physical, visual, communication, hearing, or learning disabilities

Factsheets according to disabilities

Factsheets on social media

Digital inclusion support factsheets

  • E-Accessibility resources
  • Organizations and partners supporting people with disabilities 

Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum

A basic ICT and Internet Skills Curriculum, available in a variety of community languages. It can be delivered as a face-to-face training program or as self-learning. A version at Standard Level has been made available by MADA in English and Arabic for screen readers.

Research, case studies and additional support tools: