What are the Digital Inclusion Toolkits?

Digital Inclusion Toolkits have been developed to take the skills identified in the Ministry's curriculum framework to a wider audience. The toolkits host or point to content that will enable digital skills training programs to take place.

Can anyone use the Toolkits?

The toolkits have been developed for use by organizations, practitioners and ICT champions involved in the delivery of ICT training and support to the Qatari community.

How can I use the Toolkits?

You can find more information in the Toolkits Overview section.

Can I reuse the content and resources in the Toolkits in my teaching and learning?

Yes, you can reuse and repurpose the content in your teaching and learning, provided that the source is acknowledged and you abide by the copyright license.

Can you give me more information about the copyright license arrangements for the content and resources?

Copyright - all content and resources developed by the Ministry are made available freely under the Creative Commons License arrangements for repurposing, provided the source is acknowledged - http://www.creativecommons.org/choose/. Please check the copyright details on all other content and resources, as the licensing and copyright choices may be different.

What format do the content and resources take?

The content and resources is provided in a number of different formats, for example: pdf, Word, video, online interactive learning objects, mobile apps etc.