Toolkit for women

Women are a key target group for the Digital Inclusion efforts by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC). The importance of this target group is corroborated by Qatar National Vision 2030’s human development pillar, which states that providing vocational support to Qatari women is a priority. In addition, the UN e-Government report 2010, stated that women across the world are amongst the most marginalized groups. The research clearly shows that the percentage of women’s Internet use does not correlate with a country’s rate of Internet reach to its population.

MOTC’s work with women includes providing a range of basic ICT skills; raising awareness of social media channels to promote their small businesses; raising awareness of e-government services - such as Hukoomi and improving their ability to access these services online; empowering women to work more flexibly and from home using ICT; and helping women to support their children at school more effectively by understanding the technologies that children use and engage with, including keeping themselves and their children safe online.

MOTC’s programs propose to make a change for the better for thousands, a change that will empower women in both their personal and professional lives.                                   

Basic ICT and Internet Skills

  • A curriculum which has been developed for learners in Qatar, in English and Arabic. It has been contextualized for Qatar and the topics are derived from research undertaken with the target users, community organizations and employers.
  • Intel Easy Steps program. A generic course, designed for face-to-face delivery, provided by Intel, that can be easily modified to suit a group.  It is available in several different languages, including Arabic and English. MOTC has developed a localized version of the Arabic course for Qatar.
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum. A basic ICT and Internet Skills Curriculum, available in a variety of community languages. It can be delivered as a face to face training program or as self-learning.

Social Media Workshop

This will focus on workshops that introduce social media which all have been developed by MOTC to raise awareness of the basics of social media channels, utilizing and customized to learner’s areas of interest.

Cyber Safety

A series of lectures on Cyber Safety have been developed by MOTC to introduce basic Cyber Safety topics.

Researches, Case Studies and Additional Support Tools