Open Data and e-Participation Forum

Open Data

In line with Qatar’s National Development Strategy 2011-2016 and national e-Government 2020 Strategy, open data and e-participation have been identified as two key initiatives to increase Government’s transparency, better engage the people, and fuel our transition to a knowledge-based society.

ictQATAR has taken several actions towards achieving this and launched two public consultation documents during 2014. As the Ministry prepares to issue the two policies for compliance by all government entities, it aims to ensure that these entities have a good understanding of why such policies are important and what roles they can play to implement them.

The event will be attended by government entities’ officials, along with international speakers who will present researched notes, and cover what open data and e-participation are, international and regional practices, the benefits and risks for the government entities, as well as the process of  adopting the policies.