Ministry of Transport and Communications, Microsoft sign agreement to broaden e-services implementation

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Ministry of Transport and Communications, Microsoft sign agreement to broaden e-services implementation

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft that will pave the way for an evolution in public sector e-services implementation.

The agreement was signed by Assistant Undersecretary of Government Information Technology Sector Hassan Jassim al Sayed and Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft Qatar.

Through this partnership, MOTC will bring the global experience in helping governments agencies to enact digital transformations in line with the Qatar Digital Government (QDG 2020 Strategy), by building a transformation platform, named “Sadeem”.

As per the agreement, Microsoft will assist in building a technology platform offering e-Servies tools and capabilities, business intelligence (BI) and other benefits, which focuses on the streamlining of initiatives designed to enhance government e-services in the country. The Qatari leadership expects all government services to be online by 2020, allowing public to better interact with the government, and executives to have access to information and tools that will promote better-informed decision-making. The government also projects significant cost-savings and an acceleration of the time to market for such services.

As it moves towards its new digital paradigm, MOTC is determined to set a benchmark for government agencies to achieve, through implementation of international best-practice standards.

“The ministry’s main goal is to create a smarter, more connected government that empowers people to engage with the government at any time, from anywhere,” said Hassan al-Sayed.

“Our wise leaders have seen that a hyper-connected world offers an opportunity for us to be more efficient, flexible and productive. We look forward to experiencing the fruits of our partnership with Microsoft,” he added.

MOTC’s partnership with Microsoft will center on laying the bedrock for future innovation by supporting the Qatar Digital government 2020 strategy that will provide citizens with user-centric, scalable and flexible experiences when using the government eServices on Sadeem.

From his part, Naim Yazbeck, General Manager of Microsoft Qatar said, “This partnership is a commitment of support from Microsoft for the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Government of Qatar, as they work tirelessly to realize their goal of digital transformation for citizens and residents.”

“The vision within the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the wider government reflects the bold ambition of the nation’s leaders to take advantage of emerging technologies such as cloud and mobile and renovate the relationship between the public sector and the public. Sadeem Platform is great enabler for innovators, and Qatar has both the vision and the ambition to harness it and shape the future. Microsoft is proud to support them in their efforts,” Naim added.

Sadeem will empower the Government to realize its vision quickly, while tightly monitoring eService implementation plans. The ministry will build a framework for other ministries to use, allowing those departments to accelerate their transformation projects specific to their operational requirements.

This partnership aims to catalyze high impact, as MOTC lays the groundwork for sweeping change, not only in the mechanics of government administration, but in the way people in Qatar live their lives.