MOTC Calls for Entries for “World Summit Awards 2021"

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
MOTC Calls for Entries for “World Summit Awards 2021"

Doha – Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) is now accepting applications at the national level for the “World Summit Awards 2021”.

Companies, institutions and individuals across the country are now invited to join the competition by submitting their best digital content applications to compete in eight award categories, with winners representing Qatar at the world level. Applications will be accepted until July 1st, 2021.

The eight award categories are government & citizen engagement, health & wellbeing, environment & green energy, business & commerce, learning & education, culture & tourism, smart settlements & urbanization, and inclusion & empowerment.

A National Pre-Selection Committee, established by Qatar’s national expert Ms. Reem Al-Mansoori, MOTC Assistant Undersecretary of Digital Society Development Affairs, will assess the submissions and select one qualified project for each category to represent Qatar.

The international competition involves four stages: from local country selection to the WSA online Jury followed by the WSA Grand Jury and then the final stage which is the WSA global congress.  Jury panels consist of renowned international experts. Winners will be announced to the public and will be invited to the WSA Global Congress where they will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to an international on-site panel.

All submissions must be no more than two years old (after January 1, 2019) when submitted to the competition. Submissions can contain digital content applications with a clear impact on society, such as: apps, webpages, applications for wearables, kiosk installations, SMS based products, mobile games and interactive mobile productions. There is no limitation regarding the platforms or channels the projects work with.

All submissions have to be launched products. No drafts, prototypes, demonstrations or unfinished projects can be accepted. The solution needs to prove that it is a working product and demonstrate local impact. Incomplete trial versions will not be accepted and will be automatically eliminated.

All submitters to WSA have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Submissions therefore which encourage war, the exercise of violence, fraud, racism or discrimination will not be accepted and eliminated. Similarly, submissions that violate international copyright provisions will be excluded.

Those interested in joining the competition are invited to send detailed information on their entry to MOTC via email: . For further details of rules and regulations please visit .

The World Summit Awards (WSA) is an international competition that selects and promotes the world’s best start-ups in digital content and innovative applications that are having a significant impact on improving society. Combining an ongoing series of international events and activities with a global network of start-ups, social entrepreneurs, mentors, jurors, speakers, experts, government leaders, academics and civil society, WSA seeks to raise awareness and give recognition to the best digital content applications with a clear impact on society, produced around the world.