MOTC Holds “Navigation Risks that Threaten Maritime Security” Workshop

Sunday, October 25, 2020
MOTC Holds “Navigation Risks that Threaten Maritime Security” Workshop

Doha –

The Ministry of Transport and Communications concluded a workshop on the “Navigation Risks that Threaten Maritime Security” that was attended by several maritime specialists from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior and Qatar Petroleum.

Specialized trainers from the United States Fifth Fleet delivered the workshop in such an unprecedented kind of collaboration with a civilian ministry, thus enhancing the efforts of maritime transport affairs at MOTC that aim at upscaling the expertise of maritime specialists across all relevant government entities.

The expert trainers delivered full explanation on navigation risks that floating objects can cause and which threaten the maritime navigation. The workshop was held from Oct. 20 to Oct. 22 at MOTC offices.

At the end of the workshop, Ministry's Assistant Undersecretary of Maritime Transport Affairs Dr. Saleh bin Fetais Al Marri handed over workshop attendance certificates to the participants and thanked the US Fifth Fleet trainers for the cooperation that would significantly contribute to sharpening maritime specialists’ skills and expertise in the area of navigation risks.