MOTC, QU Sign Memo of Cooperation on Research, Info. Exchange

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
MOTC, QU Sign Memo of Cooperation on Research, Info. Exchange

Doha – Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications and Qatar University, represented by the College of Engineering, today signed a memorandum of cooperation to boost and strengthen cooperation in scientific, technological and research fields on mobility and transportation. The two parties also aim to maximize benefiting from expertise and competence they have in developing and training human resources in pursuant of the pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 2018-2022.

The memo was signed by MOTC’s Acting Assistant Undersecretary of Land Transport Affairs Mr. Eng. Hamad Essa Abdulla and Dean of QU College of Engineering (QU-CENG) Dr. Khaled Kamal Naji.

The memo provides for the exchange of information, expertise, studies, statistics and data that matter the most for the Ministry and the QU Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Center (QTTSC), in addition to conducting research on planning, designing and developing road and land transport projects, traffic engineering, road safety, the deployment of smart systems in land transport projects, public transit and mobility. The memo also provides for the drafting and developing of policies, strategies and legislations needed for developing and regulating the land transport and transportation industry.

Under the memo, workshops and programs will be developed for hands-on training for professionals from the Ministry and QU students covering the topics relating to land transport, logistics support services and traffic safety.

Additionally, MOTC employees who meet QU’s master’s and doctoral programs’ requirements can resume their study with QTTSC on relevant subjects, according to QU’s applicable rules and procedures.

“The Ministry of Transport and Communications continuously advocates for more cooperation and integration with educational institutions, particularly QU, to help harmonize its output with what the transportation and land transport industry needs. This also helps raise the sector’s competitiveness in terms of research and academic studies in addition to upskilling the human resources to achieve success in all areas,” said Mr. Abdulla.

“This memo will provide an ample room for work with QU on developing various projects, studies and strategies that can contribute to developing land transport affairs, particularly the universal land transport,” he added.

Mr. Abdulla also stressed that MOTC has always been keen to enhance engagement with QU on scientific, administrative, technological and research fields on all fronts relating to mobility and land transport.

Dr. Naji said, "This memo between QU-CENG represented by Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Centre and the Ministry of Transport and Communications provides distinguished research and advisory services and stimulates sustainable economic and social development in the State of Qatar. It activates the social partnership and facilitates the transfer of knowledge and technology with MOTC. It also confirms the continuous endeavor by QU-CENG to find solutions to the challenges facing the transportation sector specifically in line with the national priorities towards a knowledge-based economy."

"Through this memo, fields of cooperation diversify and multiply to include several horizons including studies, consultations, quality services and consulting services, in addition to workshops and specialized courses and investment in faculty members and summer training for students, as well as facilitating the exchange of information and field visits. Such efforts support the college’s endeavor to prepare the Qatari engineers who will proceed the renaissance and prosperity of the State of Qatar,” he added.