About Theqa

Theqa is a government-owned, not-for-profit trustmark program, with the primary objective of inspiring trust and credibility in Qatar’s eCommerce ecosystem, empowering consumers and businesses to rapidly and safely grow the local eCommerce market.

A Theqa trustmark certifies that a website is genuine. It reassures consumers that it has been approved by MOTC to sell goods and services online, building trust, instilling confidence, and encouraging preference for local eCommerce sites.

Theqa’s Objectives

Theqa’s primary objective is to support and stimulate Qatar’s eCommerce sector, where there is significant opportunity to grow domestic sales in online retail.

Our goal is to engage with online vendors as partners, providing support and education in areas that are critical to success, and to accelerate their adoption of eCommerce in line with government and international standards.

By identifying and certifying credible eMerchants, Theqa will reassure Qatar’s online customers that they can shop domestically with trust and confidence, and take pride in Qatar’s best-in-class eCommerce marketplace.

Theqa’s Key Values


Theqa seeks to elevate the market by setting rigorous standards for all stakeholders, including ourselves. We seek to take businesses to the next level, assist consumers to become more discerning, and to raise the Qatari eCommerce ecosystem above international standards.


By engaging with every stakeholder in the eCommerce ecosystem, Theqa seeks to foster lasting relationships, identify market needs and provide a platform for communication and innovative solutions.


Theqa aims to empower the entire eCommerce ecosystem, by providing businesses the tools, abilities and skills required for rapid success – and consumers the knowledge and confidence to shop online.


Theqa continually stays up to date with best practice, standards and expectations in the rapidly evolving local and international online retail space. We constantly strive to grow the market by building new relationships and improving the integrity and quality of the eCommerce trustmark.


We collaborate with businesses, educating and advising them to make smarter decisions and to gain better insight into consumer expectations. We also seek to enlighten customers on what to demand and expect from eCommerce businesses.

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