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Small Craft Registration

Service Description:

Small Craft Registration includes 4 Types (private – tourist – fishery – ferry).


- Private: 100 QAR

- Fishery/ferry/tourist/Work: 200 QAR

- Yacht: 1,500 QR


  • Ownership documents.
  • A Copy of the owner ID (original to be shown for verification).
  • A Valid Copy of Commercial register if the owner is a company (original to be shown for verification).
  • Craft deletion Certificate If it is under the flag of another state.
  • A letter from the workplace (for non-Qatari).
  • Fishing license - in case of the fishing ship (issued by Fisheries Department – The Ministry of Municipality and Environment).
  • Registering the craft description by General Directorate of Coasts and Borders Security(In all cases) and by The Ministry of Municipality and Environment in case of tourist license.

Please fill the form and satisfy all conditions and requirements and then send all through the Maritime Transport Planning & Licensing Department email Click Here.

The Maritime Transport Planning & Licensing "WhatsApp" service on (+974) 30070703 would be used for customer(s) general queries and will not disclose any personal and confidential information, handles general inquiries immediately.